Staying Motivated

It can be especially difficult to stay motivated as the year comes to a close. The secret to being productive every day is in your ability to determine how your time breaks down, set goals that best utilize the time you have available, and know when you need to step back and take a break before burnout sets in. Check out these tips to help you have a great finish to the year!

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Monthly Webinar Series

Putting Out the Fire: Preventing and Managing Burnout

Presented by: Eva Churchill
Contemporary professional demands not only cause stress, but chronic stress. Stress contributes to the development of myriad physical and mental health conditions including (but not limited to) hypertension, diabetes, depression and anxiety. Research suggests that up to two-thirds of American employees experience some degree of burnout. Burnout impacts productivity, morale, and financial and legal bottom lines due to the health-related costs of burnout.

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