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November 2019

How to Lower Your Financial Stress

Money worries are among the most common sources of personal and family stress, according to Consumer Federation of America (CFA).

Living with too much of any kind of pressure on a daily basis can take an emotional and physical toll, contributing to sleepless nights, backaches or headaches or, over time, even life-threatening diseases, such as high blood pressure or heart disease.

Whether your credit card balances are soaring, or you and your partner are arguing constantly over nickels and dimes, there are things you can do to relieve financial stress.

Take a breather

The CFA suggests taking these steps to ease money-related stress:

Talk it out

If conflicts with your significant other over money matters are a primary source of stress, talk it over honestly and openly. Write down your short- and long-term financial goals to learn where the two of you can focus your discussions. Put your relationship first, while nurturing each other's needs. Compromise, if necessary.

Take action

Exercise, positive thoughts and conversation may help in the short term, but if you aren't fixing the cause of your money worries, the stress will bounce right back into your life. You need to take action if the money coming in is less than the money going out; if you're able to make only minimum payments on your credit cards; or you're relying on plastic for essentials, such as food or rent.

To improve your financial health, the CFA suggests:

A safer bet is the National Foundation for Credit Counseling Service (NFCC). For little or no cost, an NFCC counselor can help you develop a budget and a plan for addressing your total financial situation. Visit the NFCC Web site and click on "getting help."

It is possible to get out of debt, though doing so may require new ways of thinking and acting. But as soon as you start taking decisive steps, you should feel the financial stress start to ease.

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