Healthy Holidays Ahead

The holidays are just about here again. And with them can come a range of stresses and anxieties, among them: holiday shopping, holiday finances, family stress, mailing seasonal cards, attending parties and the tendency to neglect everyday routines at this time of year -- such as eating right and exercising. These can lead to the phenomenon known as holiday depression or the holiday blues. Here are some tips to ease potential holiday blues.

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Monthly Webinar Series

5 Strategies to Actually Enjoy the Holidays This Year

Presented by: Melissa Schneider
So often, the holidays are depicted as a time of blissful good cheer and family connection. Why do so many of us feel busy, pressured, or lonely each year instead? You have the power to do it differently this time around, no matter what the holidays hold for you. All you need is a strategy-one that actually works. This webinar will share five tips to actually enjoy the holidays this year and will guide you in creating a customized plan to apply them to your personal holiday situation. Let the festivities begin!

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