Mind-Body Health

You're stuck in rush-hour traffic, glancing at your car's clock every few minutes as you strain to get to work on time. You may not notice, but your breathing is shallow, your pulse rate is high and your chest feels tight. In fact, you feel this way in many stressful situations.

Sound familiar? Modern society creates more than its share of stress. It's difficult to change some situations -- but you can manage how you feel about them, experts say.

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Monthly Webinar Series

Master Your Mind: Emotional and Physical Health Connections

Presented by: Zoe Klein
You get upsetting news and suddenly feel sick to your stomach. You're nervous about a big meeting and you begin to sweat, your heart races. Examples of the mind-body connection are endless. Particularly helpful for those living with chronic illness or other health challenges, this dynamic session provides strategies that employ the mind to lessen chronic pain, reduce depression associated with physical ailments, improve health outcomes, and more. You'll learn about the latest research findings and gain techniques to help you feel your best, both mentally and physically.

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