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January 2019

How to Develop a Can-do Personality

Some people handle tough jobs without breaking a sweat. Others seem to give up before they even get going.

What's the difference between a can-do and a won't-try person?

"It's usually a matter of bravery," says Paul Hauck, Ph.D., a psychologist in Rock Island, Ill. "Can-do people aren't any smarter than anyone else. They have learned not to let fear carry them away from success."

The most common roadblock is fear of failure, which is closely tied to two other big fears: losing respect and approval and losing self-esteem.

Fear of failure takes away one of your most valuable learning tools -- mistakes. "The only way you ever become good at something is by learning where the pitfalls are and how to avoid them," says Dr. Hauck. "If you never try, you'll still be bumbling around long after you should have moved on to other things."

To break the cycle, "choose to become fearless," he advises.

Recognize fear

Becoming fearless isn't easy. But you can start by recognizing how fear is holding you back from what you want to do by asking these questions:

Take control

Ironically, the best way to take control of fear is to let go of it. Here are some strategies for loosening fear's grip on you and your performance:

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