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July 2022

Prevent Misunderstanding in Your Team


When working with others, you’re likely to encounter people from different backgrounds with various levels of experience and education. In addition, each person also brings his or her own unique personality to a group. When joining all these differences together, you need to learn how to handle the inevitable misunderstandings and miscommunication that can come from people’s diversity. Follow the tips below to learn how your team can optimize communication.

Pay Attention

Checking for Understanding

Notice if someone looks puzzled when you are talking. He or she may not be following what you are saying. You can help by asking questions that require feedback on what you said and how well you said it.

Ask questions like:

Use Facts

Try to use facts, rather than opinions, when demonstrating a point. If coworkers come to you with a disagreement, ask for the facts, and try to help using those facts.

Give Your Time

Some people are quick to catch on to a procedure, while others take a little longer. By spending enough time to ensure understanding among every staff member, you’ll know that everyone is on the same page. Have patience when working with each person and you will notice improved work and attitudes throughout the whole team.

Make sure to communicate with your workers at various times, not just when you have criticism. This will help create more positive relationships with workers, and they may be more willing to talk to you when they need assistance or guidance. Be supportive by following these three tips:

Written by Life Advantages - Author Dr. Delvina Miremadi-Baldino © 2022

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